Employment Licenses

Employment Licenses

Employment Licenses

Employment Licenses

both applicable to Third Country Nationals (TCNs)
work and reside in Malta for a period of time longer than six (6) months
self-employment license only granted in exceptional cases

Single-Work Permit

TCNs who wish to work and reside in Malta for a period of time longer than six (6) months must submit a single work permit application (i.e. CEA Form C) and supporting documentation. The single work application encompasses two procedures in one, that of a work permit and that of an e-residence card, granting temporary residence based on the employment of the individual in Malta.

A single work permit is issued in respect of TCNs who work with a specific employer to perform a specific full-time job in Malta. Therefore, the employee cannot use the license to take up a different job, or to work for a different employer even on a part-time basis. All employment licences are normally issued for a maximum duration of one (1) year and can be renewed upon request.

In this respect, it is important to keep in mind that single work permit applications are, generally, subject to labour market considerations by the Authority including, among other things: the national situation in respect of surpluses or shortages in the given occupation and sector; the employer’s history and situation in terms inter alia of recruitment and redundancy patterns; business investments; and contractual commitments.

The TCNs’ skill level, relevant experience and overall suitability for the position in question are also taken into account.

Submission of application

Applications can be submitted either whilst the TCN is in Malta or by the prospective employer in Malta whilst the TCN is still abroad.

Among other documentation, it is essential that the TCN applying for a single work permit is in possession of:

·       one or more than one reference letters covering at least three (3) years of experience relating to the work position indicated in the single work permit application;

·       a contract of employment or letter of intent signed by the applicant and the prospective employer in Malta.

A list of required supporting documentation to be submitted is available in the following links:


Checklist for TCN in Malta

·   https://identitymalta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/New-App-Generic-Checklist-for-Third-Country-Nationals-applying-for-a-Single-Residence.pdf


Checklist for TCN abroad

·   https://identitymalta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Checklist-for-Third-Country-Nationals-applying-for-a-Single.pdf


Self-Employment Licence

In respect of TCNs, a self-employment license is required and is only granted in exceptional cases.



In particular, in order to qualify for self-employed status, a Third Country National must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Invest in Malta capital expenditure of at least Eur500,000 within 6 months from the date on which the employment license is issued. Capital expenditure shall solely consist of fixed assets (such as immovable property, plant and machinery) used for the business purposes as reflected in the business plan submitted with the application. Rental contracts do not qualify. Such expenditure needs to be supported by receipts in the TCN’s name. The application also needs to be accompanied by a letter of reference in respect of the TCN, from a reputable Maltese bank that certifies that the TCN has the facility to raise such capital;
  • A sound business plan is to be submitted with the application by highly skilled innovators who must commit to recruiting at least three EEA/Swiss/Maltese Nationals within eighteen (18) months of establishment. This condition is reserved to persons who are (1) highly skilled (qualification certificates of ISCED Level 6 or higher) and (2) who will be setting up a venture which is highly innovative;
  • A person leading a project that has been formally approved by Malta Enterprise and formally notified by the latter to Jobsplus.

Applications containing a firm commitment regarding the engagement of EEA/Swiss/Maltese Nationals as part of the staff complement will assist in the favourable consideration of an application.

On the other hand, if the TCN intends to set up a company and to apply as an employee (i.e. director/owner) of that company, the application needs to be submitted with the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affair as this would entitle the applicant for a single work permit application (kindly refer to paragraph 4 above).

Submission of application

Applications shall be submitted to Jobsplus with all required supporting documentation, which are listed in the document titled ‘ELU – FM – 005 New Employment Licence Application Checklist for a Third Country National’ on the following link:


Full-detailed information on application, processing and issuance of Employment Licences is indicated in the Employment Licence Guidelines available on the Jobsplus website (www.jobsplus.gov.mt)

  • A non-refundable processing fee of Eur230,00 is due upon submission of application.
  • Upon getting an employment license, TCNs may relocate their family members to Malta to the extent that the said TCNs give evidence to be in possession of adequate financial means to support each family member.


There is no standard timeframe relating to the issuance of a self-employment license. Therefore, such a timeframe is determined on case-by-case basis.