The Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Services

The Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Services

The Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Services

The Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Services

Maltese citizenship
reside anywhere within the European Union
visa free travel to over 180 countries

The Malta Citizenship by Exceptional Services (formerly known as IIP) is a citizenship by investment programme that was introduced in 2021 as part of an update to the previous programme. All beneficiaries under the programme are granted Maltese citizenship and issued with a Maltese passport. A holder of a Maltese passport is not only entitled to study, work and reside anywhere within the European Union, but the passport also provides visa free travel to over 180 countries.


Applicant Must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be a third country national or a EU, EEA or Swiss national;
  • be in possession of a valid travel document
  • yield evidence of twelve (12) months or 36 (month) residency. In order for the Main Applicant to be concordant with this obligation, s/he would not need to reside physically here in Malta, however s/he would be instructed to produce evidence of visits and valid links to Malta;
  • maintain a Global health insurance policy (minimum annual coverage of €50,000) that covers the Main Applicant and his dependents;
  • satisfy the rest of the application requirements

Maximum number of Applications 

Applications under these regulations by direct investment shall not exceed four hundred (400) yearly and one thousand five hundred (1,500) in total.


Phase 1 – Application

A residence card valid for thirty-six (36) months will be issued prior to submitting the Citizenship application and marks the commencement of the residency period. This residence card will entitle the holder to reside in Malta, as well as travel freely within the Schengen area.

The applicable costs of the residence card are:

Non refundable deposit EUR 10,000

Residence permit fee, main applicant: EUR 5,000

Residence permit fee, per dependent (if any): EUR 1,000

Phase 2 – Due Diligence

Following the 12 month or 36 month Residency period and submission of the Citizenship application Malta Community Agency will carry out a due diligence check which would take approximately six months to complete.

This is called the M1 Phase and submission must take place within 12 months from the issuance of the residency card.

Application is checked for completion and correctness, ensuring that all the forms have been provided and are adequately completed, together with all the supporting documents and their validity.

An Eligibility Application in process as an M1-A, in which case it can proceed to the next stage unencumbered, or become an M1-B which implies that elements of the application are missing, inadequate or not in line with the criteria provided in this handbook. Amendments can be dealt with accordingly.

The process is designed to ensure that the details provided in the citizenship application are accurate and that the approval of the application would not harm the security or reputation of Malta.

The fees paid for the due diligence check are listed below and are not refundable if the application is refused.

Main Applicant €15,000

Spouse and any dependent over age of 12 €10,000

Citizenship Eligibility Administrative Fee (each applicant: EUR 1,000),

Citizenship Administrative Fee (main applicant: EUR 5,000, dependents: EUR 1,000 each).

Phase 3 – Final Stage – Processing of Citizenship Application

Application documentation is vetted and if found complete, a due diligence update is carried out. The Agency will present to the Minister its findings, for his decision for approval in principle. Applicable administrative fees are to be collected.

Phase 4 – Investment

If the applicant is approved from the Due Diligence process, a letter of approval will be issued by Malta Community Agency requesting the Main Applicant to proceed with his contributions/investments.

A. Government Contribution Fee towards national development and social fund of Malta.

-12 month option (EUR 740,000) or 36 month option (EUR 590,000);

If the applicant is accompanied by qualfying dependants, a further investment of €50,000 per dependent is to be made.

B. Philanthropic Donation of €10,000 to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or artistic non governmental organisation or society as approved by Community Malta Agency.

C. Acquisition of a Qualifying Property Holding in Malta or Gozo.

The property would need to be retained for a minimum period of 5 years and cannot be used for commercial purposes. In terms of the regulations, a qualifying property is an immovable residential property situated in Malta that is either:

Purchased for a minimum consideration of €700,000 or leased for not less than €16,000 per annum.

During the first five (5) years from the grant of the certificate of Maltese citizenship, the Community Malta Agency may request the applicant to provide any information or documentation as required and may also subject the applicant to an interview.

Phase 5– Completion

Once the 12-month or 36-month residency period has been satisfied and the  contributions/investments have been made, IMA will issue a letter inviting all members of the family to visit the department to sign an Oath of Allegiance.

The certificate of naturalisation and Maltese passport are then issued within approximately seven (7) working days of the Oath of Allegiance.